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There is now one Fritter Mix to Fogdog range - Original Fritter

This comes in x2 95g Twin Packs like our Easy Beer Batter, giving you the convenience of 2 meals. Just tear along the perforation to separate.

Each sachet makes enough to feed 3 hungry adults or 2 adults and a couple of children.

Fogdog Original Perfect Fritter Mix is for everyday fritters - sweet corn, vegetable, mussel and Pipi fritters.

Cooking Directions

They're on the pack but here they are again!

  1. Empty one sachet into a bowl. All of it.
  2. Mix with enough beer or soda water until thick and smooth (that’s about 120ml).
  3. Add 2 cups or around 250g of your choice of fritter ingredients.
  4. Spoon mixture into a hot pan greased with butter or margarine.
  5. Cook both sides until firm and golden brown.

Cooking Tips

  • For best results, re-grease pan between lots and as you turn the fritters over. That’s a knob of butter at a time
  • Soda water can be used instead of beer but you can’t go past beer (unless its first thing in the morning) as it imparts subtle flavours that make the perfect fritter
  • Use lemonade if you want to make a banana fritter dessert
  • The smaller the fritter the faster the cook time
  • Each sachet will produce around 9 medium sized fritters
  • For corn fritters only use Whole Kernel Corn. Don’t use Creamed Sweet Corn as it produces a sloppy mixture that is harder to cook and increases the salt content
  • Each sachet of Fogdog Perfect Fritter Mix combines exactly with a 410g can of drained Wattie’s Whole Kernel Corn to produce perfect corn fritters


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Product info

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