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"Brilliant mate pour me another beer..."

Fogdog was started by Andrew Fogden in 2009 after having a few beers with his mate “Chook”.

The conversation went something like this, “Chook I make my own beer batter to take on the boat, so what do ya recon about starting a company and selling the stuff to fellow boating chaps? Brilliant mate pour me another beer and let’s talk about it further” after a couple more beers a cunning plan was hatched.

The name Fogdog, well that’s Andrews nickname, since 1965, well that’s when Andrew was born! Doesn’t get any more genuine than that!

Simple huh? Well with no food industry knowledge the founder set off on a steep learning curve, staying true to Kiwi Made and number 8 wire attitude, the batters were made, packaged and a road trip around NZ selling into fishing stores was undertaken, after some notable success the product is now offered in all the big grocery stores around NZ. No experience can be a great thing, one thing Andrew did have before starting was life experience, 6 years travelling around the world, Farming, Fencing, Building, electrical work, to name a few. The core of Andrews drive and biggest influence was his time spent as a Commercial Fisherman, here in NZ and Australia.

Boating is his passion, hence the creation of great pre-made products to make it simple for boaties to enjoy a great feed while cruising around the ocean. And to this Day Andrew is still cruising in his boat dreaming of new products that can be used to prepare a great feed!

The progression of customer feedback and hands on business has led Andrew to further develop from batters into crumbs, gluten free offerings, but not just any old stuff, kiwi made truly authentic premium products. As a one man band it took until 2014 when Ayesha Singh joined Fogdog as its trusty employee of the decade! Ayesha manages the sales, administration, well just about everything.

The “Just Add Beer” theme has never been lost, rest assured no recipe is conceived, perfected without a cold beer and many vigorous taste testing sessions on the boat.

Product info
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