Fogdog Gluten Free Shake N Bake Coating mixFish & Prawn

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“Premium Gluten Free Shake & Bake that’s as good as it gets.”

Here it is – After many requests and months of development on our floating research facility the Fogdog crew have cracked it! And a beer or two!

It’s a cracker of a product that can go on just about anything you can imagine, seafood, chicken, vegetables and whatever takes your fancy. A light and crispy coating sure to impress the whole family, even if they haven’t tried gluten free.

Just the right blend of goodness to add a touch of premium to any dish!

Simple – Doesn’t get any easier, Shake - Bake – Eat - Done!

If you want the best results then shake – shallow Fry – Eat - Done!

Proudly made by our good mates right here in NZ to ensure it’s the best quality.

Cooking Directions


  1. Pour a reasonable amount of Fogdog into a plastic bag
  2. Dip your Seafood/Meat or Vegetables in water, then place in bag
  3. Shake it! Till fully coated
  4. Remove from Bag (obviously) J
  5. Allow food to sit for a few minute to infuse flavour
  6. Bake, Grill or Fry with a bit of oil till cooked through.

Cook-Eat- Done

Tip: use oil with any cooking method to retain moisture


Fogdog Fried Chicken

Product info



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