Fogdog Instant Apple Pie - Gluten FreeFish & Prawn

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You asked for it and here it is - Gluten Free Breadcrumbs that taste good and leave all other Gluten Free Breadcrumbs in their wake!!!

Gluten Free breadcrumbs are usually the by-product of baking gluten free bread. They are often bland and tasteless. Our Premium Gluten free Breadcrumbs on the other hand, are specially made for us by the same company who makes our Panko Breadcrumbs.

We wanted to create a tasty coating that would complement food. This specially formulated superior crumb is coarse and heavy, and when cooked produces a crunchy, tasty, golden coating. It rivals our Panko Breadcrumbs and leaves other Gluten Free Breadcrumbs for dead.

The whole family will enjoy this. Perfect for seafood, meat and baking!

Available in a 250g resealable pouch.

Fogdog Premium Gluten Free Breadcrumbs
Apple juice
Brown sugar
Salted butter
Whipped cream - gluten free
(Optional): cinnamon powder
Decoration: pistachio, berries, mint leaves


  1. Pan fry Gluten Free Breadcrumbs with no oil on low heat until crispy brown. Set aside and let it cool.
  2. Peel the apples. Cut them into cubes.
  3. Heat up the frying pan. Toss the apple cubes with salted butter. Add on the apple juices in medium heat. If the apple appears dry, you may add on more apple juices.
  4. Add on the brown sugar and cinnamon powder. You may omit cinnamon powder if you do not like it.
  5. Once the apple cubes are caramelised, set aside and let it cool completely.
  6. Prepare champagne glasses, layer apple juice at the bottom, apple cubes, whipped cream, Gluten Free breadcrumbs, pistachio, apple cubes, whipped cream, Gluten Free breadcrumbs, apple cubes, whipped cream, pistachio. Decorate it with berries, nuts or mint leaves. Serve it as desired.

So simple and easy to make, yet very tasty. Loved the cinnamon in it as it changes the taste completely.

Product info

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