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Ingredients :
90mls milk
1 x 95g sachet of fog dog original batter
2x teaspoons of dried yeast
6 x 1 cm dark chocolate pieces (you can use chocolate buttons or block)
1 punnet fresh raspberries (any fresh berries can be used)
150ml double cream
120 g caster sugar for dusting
1.5ltr rice bran oil


  1. Place one whole 95g sachet of fog dog original batter in a bowl and two teaspoon of dried yeast and one teaspoon of caster sugar, mix dry ingredients together.
  2. Warm 90 mls of milk in micro wave for twenty seconds only (milk must only be lukewarm if to hot it will kill the yeast and your doughnut want rise )
  3. Add lukewarm milk to dry ingredients and stir till smooth
  4. Place batter in a warm place for ten to fifth teen mins until the mixture bubbles.
  5. Heat your oil to approx. 160c. The best way to check your temperature add a small amount of batter to the oil it should turn golden brown within 30 seconds turn your frying pan down to moderate heat.
  6. Place the chocolate into batter with a spoon and cover with batter evenly, with a dessert spoon lift chocolate piece out with a good covering of batter with a second spoon carefully slide into hot oil turning gently for approx. 6 mins( if the doughnut is browning too quickly turn down the heat as batter will not be cook right through.)
  7. Remove doughnut with slotted spoon and drain then roll in caster sugar
  8. Cool slightly and serve warm with raspberries and double cream

This is a favourite for my chefs at the restaurant can’t make them quick enough !!.

Recipe provided by Paul Breheny The Hook and the Cook

Product info

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