Gluten Free chicken burgerFish & Prawn

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Fogdog Gluten Free Breadcrumb
Chicken Breast
Gluten Free Buns (Vogels) or make your own
Rice flour
The Good oil (rapeseed oil)
Salad of your choice
Seasoning of your choice (I used Lemon Pepper)


1.Cook streaky bacon and set aside
2.Fillet your chicken breast into 2 slices.
3.Flour your chicken. I used Rice flour.
4.Dip into a bowl of beaten eggs.
5.Mix in seasoning of your choice into breadcrumbs, I used Lemon Pepper seasoning. Make a bed of breadcrumbs. Crumb both sides evenly.
6.Heat a small amount of oil (I use The Good oil)
7.Cook until Golden brown and crispy on either side... put your burger together with your preference of salad and sauce Beauty mate !!!

Product info

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