Herb Crusted Salmon on Chargrilled VegetablesFish & Prawn

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1 handful Italian parsley, roughly chopped

2 limes, zested

Large tbspn of Fogdog Seven Seas Seasoning

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

1/2 cup Fogdog Premium Panko Breadcrumbs

4 x 180g Salmon fillets, skin on and bones removed

50mls extra virgin olive oil

2 tbspn balsamic reduction

4 field mushrooms

4 small courgettes, quatered lengthways

1 red onion, peeled and quartered

1/4 eggplant, sliced thickly

4 baby leeks, trimmed

sea salt and ground pepper to taste

4 tbspn extra virgin olive oil

2 tbspn basil pesto


Preheat oven grill or barbecue to a low heat.

To make the herb crust for the Salmon, mix together the parsley, finely chopped lime zest, Seven Seas Seasoning, Panko Breadcrumbs and garlic in a small bowl.

Brush the Salmon fillets with olive oil, and add herb mix on top of Salmon so that they are generously coated. Place Salmon onto a baking tray and grill, or place directly onto a barbecue hot plate and cook to your liking.

For the chargrilled vegetables, place mushrooms, courgettes, red onion, eggplant, and leeks into a large bowl and toss with salt, pepper and olive oil. Transfer vegetables to a baking dish, and place under a moderate grill, or place directly onto a barbecue hot plate and cook, turning, until done.

Remove vegetables from grill or barbecue, and allow to cool a little before coating with basil pesto. Arrange vegetables on a platter or onto individual plates, and top with Salmon. Serve drizzled with a little more basil pesto and balsamic reduction.

Product info

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