Panko Parmesan AsparagusFish & Prawn

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20 asparagus spears
100g sundried tomato
50g black kalamata olives seeds in
100g fetta (Bulgarian)
200ml balsamic
75g brown sugar reduction

Crumbing set up (mix together in one bowl):
200g premium panko breadcrumbs
75g parmesan (grated)
100g plain flour

egg wash
3 eggs
200 mls milk


  1. Trim the woody bottom of the asparagus
  2. Dip asparagus into egg wash
  3. Then Pass asparagus through flour
  4. And back through egg wash again
  5. And finally bread crumbs
  6. Put crumbed asparagus covered on a flat tray and place in the fridge to set
  7. Place balsamic and brown sugar in a small pot and bring slowly to the boil
  8. Reduce heat to a slow boil
  9. Reduce the balsamic till the mixture coats the back of a metal spoon (be careful on not to burn reduction) it should not run off the spoon (please do not put your finger in to taste as it can get as hot as caramel)
  10. Cool the balsamic reduction and place in a squeezy bottle

Time to cook:
Heat your frying pan with rice bran oil bring to temp and drop to moderate heat place your asparagus in the pan away from you and fry till golden brown all over.

TO SERVE: simply place 5 pieces of asparagus on your plate crumble fetta on to garnish with sun-dried tomato and olives and drizzle with balsamic dressing crack black pepper and some good olive oil on top of the fetta . This is a great healthy tasty dish and it easy!
If you have any leftover dressing it will keep for weeks.

Recipe provided by Paul Breheny, The Hook and the Cook

Product info

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