The Ultimate Tempura... That's Gluten Free...Fish & Prawn

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The Ultimate Tempura that’s Gluten Free…


1. Use a wok, ideally with a draining tray. Fill with enough Rise bran oil to float the ingredients. Heat the oil to high temperature.
2. Place ice cubes into a small jug of water. Let stand for a while. Mix a measure of Tempura batter with iced water until the consistency of
runny cream It should fall completely off your whisk.
3. Place your vegetables, Fish or seafood into the batter.
4. Test the oil with a little batter to ensure it’s very hot.
5. Carefully lower ingredients into oil. Don’t over crowd.
6. These will cook very quickly (approx. 1 minute). When batter turns pale golden it’s ready. Fish and seafood is virtually in and out!
7. Let oil drain from the cooked Tempura before serving.
8. Regularly remove “floaties” from the hot oil in between batches.


Cooking Good Tempura takes practice!

1. Use the freshest ingredients you can find.
2. Dry the surface of the ingredients you’re battering completely.
3. Use ice water for your batter, and don’t mix it much
4. If you batter isn’t fluffy and crispy when cooked than add more water to your mixture.
5. Don’t cook too much at one time.

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