About us

Fogdog was founded in 2009, inspired by a love of good food and no-fuss cooking. Following the successful creation of our very first product, Fogdog’s Easy Beer Batter, new recipes were dreamt up, cooked, and perfected and in the years that followed, our range grew. 

Now home to a selection of premium breadcrumbs, batters, and coatings (half of which are gluten-free) we’re proud to bring you a range of NZ-made products that are incredibly easy to use, taste great, and require minimal cooking experience. Right from the beginning, Fogdog’s ethos has been to provide innovative solutions for people who love good food, but who don’t want the hassle of making their own DIY batters and coatings.

Some eleven years later, we’re still dreaming and scheming new products (with a beer in hand) and making sure our customers are just as happy as we are with how our products taste, whether you’re cooking in your kitchen, on the barbie, or out on the water.

Fogdog is stocked in both New Zealand and Australia and can be found in all major supermarket chains throughout NZ, and in seafood shops, specialty stores and gourmet food outlets across Australia and Hong Kong.